Amazin' SPISPOPD 2.0

Dot-chomping, maze game with twists
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2.0 (See all)

Amazin' SPISPOPD is an arcade style game all about wandering mazes and collecting candles. But it makes things interesting with a variety of power-ups to collect, and 4 modes of play: Happy Fields - A series of 20 predefined levels, beat them all, and you win! Play alone or 2 players cooperatively. Dank Dungeons - An infinite number of randomly generated levels, each bigger than the last, and more dangerous. Survive as long as you can. Play alone or 2 players cooperatively. Sibling Rivalry - In random levels or the Happy Fields levels, compete best 2 out of 3 with an opponent to see who can collect the most candles. Power Ups give you ways to outdo your opponent, or even squish him with a glance with the Evil Eye. 2 Players only. Time Attack - Play any of the Happy Fields levels, or the first 20 Dank Dungeons levels, trying to get a record time. You have unlimited lives, but there's a time penalty for getting hit. 1 Player only.

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